Tracking the Biggest Bets Made on Super Bowl 56

  • There have been some major wagers placed so far on the 2022 Super Bowl between the Rams and Bengals
  • The famous Mattress Mack has set the record for the largest mobile wager ever taken
  • See all the biggest bets placed on Super Bowl 56 below

As we continue to approach kickoff of the 2022 Super Bowl, we are seeing more and more big bets, or major wagers, placed on the big game. We are currently seeing seven bets of at least six figures on Super Bowl 56, as well as the largest mobile wager ever taken.

These major wagers on the Super Bowl are pretty spread out between moneyline and ATS bets, with both the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals seeing significant money. You’ll find the list of reported major wagers (at least six figures) on Super Bowl 56 below.

Biggest Bets Placed on 2022 Super Bowl

Bet Type of Bet Sportsbook Amount Wagered Potential Profit
Bengals to Win (+170) Moneyline Caesars Sportsbook $4,534,000 $7,707,800
Rams -4 (-110) Spread Caesars Sportsbook $522,500 $475,000
Rams to Win (-200) Moneyline PointsBet $240,000 $120,000
Bengals +4.5 (-110) Spread BetMGM $200,000 $181,818
Rams to Win (-180) Moneyline Caesars Sportsbook $180,000 $100,000
Bengals +4.5 (-110) Spread Caesars Sportsbook $110,000 $100,000
Rams -4 (-105) Spread Caesars Sportsbook $105,000 $100,000

The largest bet placed on Super Bowl 56 so far is $4,534,000 on the Cincinnati Bengals to win. This bet was placed by none other than Mattress Mack, who got +170 odds on the Bengals moneyline at Caesars Sportsbook. If Cincinnati pulls off the upset, Mack will win $7,707,800 and return $12,241,800.


Mack currently has the only wager of at least six figures on the Bengals to win. There are two other notable wagers on Cincinnati, but they are both bets on the Bengals to cover.

There are four wagers of at least six figures on the Rams right now, two being on them to win and the other two on them to cover. Last year we had 12 reported wagers of at least six figures, three of which were seven figures.


If you want to see which side the public money is being bet on for Super Bowl 56, check out our NFL public betting trends.

The two bettors who got the Bengals at +4.5 must be feeling good as they’re watching the spread move down to four at many sportsbooks. The Rams moneyline bettor who got them at -180 is also sitting on a nice line, as LA has become as big as -200 favorites in the odds to win the Super Bowl.

Although, based off historic ATS Super Bowl trends, this bettor should have just laid the points with the Rams. The team that wins the Super Bowl is 47-6-2 against the spread. We have not seen a team win the Super Bowl without covering the spread since 2009—Super Bowl 43.

The bettor who placed their $240,000 on the Rams to win at -200 odds can’t enjoy watching some sportsbooks moving LA’s moneyline to -190. It’s already a lot to risk for the return they’re getting, so I hope for their sake we don’t see the line continue trending that way.

Mattress Mack’s Super Bowl 56 Bet Is Largest Mobile Wager in Sports Betting History

Though I’m confident he’s not the only one who has made the drive from Texas to Louisiana to place a bet since the state launched online sports betting on January 28, it’s unlikely anyone else is betting the same amount of money when they get into Louisiana as Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale did.

Mattress Mack’s $4.5 million wager on the Bengals to win is the largest mobile wager in sports betting history, according to Caesars Sportsbook, who took his bet in Louisiana. It is also the second-largest bet ever on the Super Bowl.

Mattress Mack has become known for his major wagers over the last few years. He hasn’t really been known for winning them, though. Here’s a quick look at some of his previous big bets:

  • $1 Million on the University of Houston to win the 2021 NCAA Men’s Tournament (Lost)
  • $3.46 Million on the Buccaneers to cover in Super Bowl 55 (Won)
  • $13 Million on the Astros to win the 2019 World Series (Lost)


If you’re looking to fade McIngvale, you can get the Rams at -190 at Caesars Sportsbook right now, which is the best price available. But be sure you claim one of the Caesars Sportsbook promos we have available before signing up.

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Author: Renee Castillo